King Of Queens

Guest post of the week by Brittany Booker

One of those shows that you just could really watch at any give time of the day or week or month or year is The King of Queens. It is on every afternoon after I watch my usual favorite Friends. There is something really funny about the relationship between Doug and Carrie. They are always bickering and fighting but in a fun and playful way that makes you feel like maybe your relationship isn’t that bad and in fact it is kind of like theirs but with less jokes and fake laughter from a studio audience. Last night I saw one about how Doug surprised Carrie with a trip to a bed and breakfast for the weekend. It turned out at they were the only ones staying there along with the super weird and invasive owners of the B and B. There were also a lot of cats involved. It was pretty hilarious. At one point they even tried to escape without the people knowing they left but their plans were foiled by a cat. Check out