What I Just Learned About Moving in Together

As a person that has decided that moving in together was for me at least 3-times in my romantic past, I thought I knew it all about the subject.

That is, until I saw this amazing website known as Moving In Together. It taught me a lot of new information that I didn’t know about before. Because I am so excited about these revelations, I’m going to share them with you here.

Little Known Tips on Moving In Together

  • Talk about the future: Most couples that move in together jump right into the arrangement without thinking about their future together. Or more accurately, one member of the couple thinks about the future while the other is living day to day. To some, moving in together is a springboard to marriage (and even kids), while others see it as an easy way to spend more time together. Hash this out before you move in together to avoid potential problems.
  • Test things out first: By taking a long vacation together, you can see how you two get along over a longer period of time than you probably spend now.

Although moving in together often goes without a hitch, I recommend keeping these tips in mind as you two transition to your new home.

Moving In Together

Living Together: Can It Really Work?

Living together is one of those things that people do when they are in love and aren’t yet ready to get married. For those of you out there who love technical terms (I’m a geek myself!), this is technically known as cohabitation.

Living Together Downfalls

Many couples find that their relationship crumbles as soon as they start to live together. The most common reason is that they spend way too much time with one another. While you may have got along with your partner, seeing him or her a few times per week, living together is another story altogether! You tend to see the person morning, noon and night (and even in the middle of the night when you get up to pee!).

So it’s important that you get some “me time” mixed in there now and again. That way living together will be something that you both cherish and enjoy.